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Our Story

PlumUC is a channel strategy and technical education consultancy. We were "born in the cloud" as a full-service brokerage of technology services. Over time, we realized that we were better at helping our clients identify viable sales avenues (or "channels") and implementing strategies for acquiring partners to grow their respective businesses. If you have a product or service that is begging to be distributed to the market via partnerships or strategic alliances, we can help! 

As for the technical education piece, we firmly believe that in order for any technology to be effective, end-user adoption is critical. Users will not use what they don't know. All too often, training on newly implemented technology stops with the technical staff of any organization, leaving them to teach the end users. While it's true, we love our techies, but they are often not the best teachers... nor do they have any desire to be! That's where we come in... Trainings are in person, online, or via custom pre-recorded videos. If you have new technology and a small army of users ignoring their fancy new service, give us a call... we can help!  

302 . 514 . P L U M

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